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Employee Spotlight: Erika Laguna

Simply180's Senior Developer can make rainbows and butterflies jump off your screen. Yet, she's happiest building websites that compel you with simplicity. Erika spends every day meticulously crafting assets that shape a brand’s identity. And every day, she’s driven to succeed across every industry Simply180 throws her way.

What It Takes To Build A Successful Brand | S. Florida Marketing Agency

What It Means to Build a Brand

Simply180 delivers more than just logos and websites; we provide company transformations. When the brand and business align, we believe infinite growth is possible.

Gorilla Marketing – How to Be the King of the Aviation Jungle

It was a jungle in there, but we made a long-lasting impression among vendors and attendees at the 2018 PB Expo in Fort Lauderdale. PBExpo is not just another aviation tradeshow. It's a technology show for the aviation marketplace. The show brought together some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the aviation, aerospace and...

Simply180 community service event

Simply180 Paints its Heart Out

Kindness is intrinsic to our company culture and we enjoy giving back to a community that has given us so much. See how we transformed this house into one of the most beautiful on the block.

Rebranding marketing agency

The Art of the Rebrand

How your customers perceive your product or service is what really defines your brand. Not sure how to figure that out or get better insights? We break it down for you here.