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Cornerstone Recovery Group

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Our drug treatment client wanted to expand its marketing reach. Our big idea tied into the national debate on drug addiction during the presidential election.


As a growing drug treatment center, our client did not have the monthly marketing budget needed to reach and penetrate several U.S. markets in that were hardest hit by the opioid drug crises. Our challenge was to develop a campaign that would generate awareness for our client’s facilities and programs in the Midwest and Northeast.


During campaign brainstorming and research, we uncovered that many 2016 Presidential candidates’ families either succumbed to or struggled with addiction including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie. Our team designed an eye-catching interactive infographic that highlighted key addiction related facts and figures, and humanized the presidential candidates by sharing their personal addiction stories. We promoted the infographic to each candidate’s campaign and local media outlets in each market that hosted a presidential debate.


Through social media and PR efforts, our infographic caught the attention of national and local media outlets, along with generating millions of impressions through social media likes, shares and comments. The interactive infographic also boosted our client’s search engine page rankings for targeted keyword searches. Ad Age also recognized the campaign for its Small Agency Awards.

Client: Cornerstone Recovery Group

Media: Website, Business Collateral

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