KL Rings the Bell

Project Description

KL Rings the Bell

Quick, what comes to mind when you think of a personal injury attorney ad? A brightly colored logo dancing to salsa music? Us, too! So that’s exactly what we did. While the competitors’ ads were all about size, might, and toughness, we had a different idea: we’d run a campaign as bright and likable as the lawyers at KL.

We created a series of jingles (in various music styles) to help people remember KL’s name. Then, we produced animated videos for each song version showing the KL logo swing, hop, shuffle, and rock. Next, we installed an actual brass bell in KL’s office so our lawyers and their clients could celebrate every win by ringing it and sharing the joy on social media.

Our campaign got the phones, and The Bell, ringing. It also won ADDYs Gold and Judges Awards.

Client: Kleinman Lessmann Injury Attorneys

Industry: Consumer Legal Services

Services: Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Marketing Strategy, Media Planning, Website Design, Social Media Setup, Creative Campaign Concept, Songwriting, Music Production, Animation Production, Media Placement, Campaign Analysis and Optimization

Media: Website, Cable TV, OTT, Radio, Outdoor, PPC, Digital Display, Re-Marketing, Paid Social, Organic Social

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  • Client:

    Kleinman Lessmann Injury Attorneys