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Think Ahead

Talk about niche B2B marketing: Our client specializes in life insurance for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. They collaborate with the crème de la crème of family office advisors on crafting integrated multi-generational financial strategies. And, by the way, our research showed that those advisors (financial planners, estate planning attorneys, and CPAs) believe they are the smartest people on the planet. Basically, we needed to convince some smug professionals to learn new tricks. Easy-peasy, right?

We defined the brand and developed its messaging, style, and visual identity. Then we built a website with enough resources to entice the target audience. The first impression was critical, so we had to find the perfect balance between being accessible and exclusive. We helped establish our clients as subject-matter experts by producing and promoting their videos and articles. We also provided marketing support for their appearance at prestigious conferences along with follow-up communications to nurture those relationships. We are not at liberty to share our client’s return on investment numbers, but let’s say everybody’s happy.  

Client: Lowell Newman

Industry: Life Insurance, Estate & Financial Planning, Philanthropy

Services: Brand Positioning, Logo and Corporate Identity Design, Marketing Strategy, Media Planning, Website Design, Social Media Setup, Creative Campaign Concept, Content Marketing, Event Marketing, Media Placement, Campaign Analysis, and Optimization

Media: Website, PPC, Digital Display, Re-Marketing, Paid Social, Organic Social, Print

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  • Client:

    Lowell Newman