Freehold Shearwater

Project Description

Freehold Shearwater

New Home Community Advertising Campaign

As their strategic creative agency, our real estate development client needed a new marketing and advertising campaign to energize home sales and distinguish its master planned community in a competitive real estate market.


Based on a market research study, we discovered that homebuyers in this market, regardless of age, placed a high value on home quality, home design choices, homebuilder reputation and a desire to connect with neighbors. The new campaign needed to speak to these purchasing factors and distinguish Shearwater from many others that opened around the same time in the same market.


We created the campaign Find Yourself at Shearwater which was a complete “180” from the previous campaign. We embraced the market research by highlighting what matters most to buyers — home quality, reputable builders, and design choices. We solidified Shearwater’s position in the market as a more welcoming, intimate community where neighbors connect with each other and nature.


We delivered an integrated marketing and advertising campaign that ran in both traditional and digital channels. Since campaign launch, new home sales are up 50% and visits/tours of the new home community is up 71% over the same period. Shearwater was also named the second fastest selling new home community in its market by a third party real estate research firm.

Client: Freehold Shearwater

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